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Natur's Way Scour-Aid Natural Diarrhea Treatment

Natur's Way Scour-Aid Natural Diarrhea TreatmentStarting at $19.50

Scour-aid works in both dogs and cats and controls diarrhea no matter whether it is viral, bacterial, or protozoan in origin.

If you’re looking for an all-natural remedy for diarrhea in your pets, other animals/livestock, Scour-aid works to combat symptoms in animals in a natural and safe manner.

Easy to administer, Scour-aid can be mixed or put on top of food/feed, or mixed into water or milk. With the main ingredient being bentonite, Scour-aid traps water, toxins, bacteria and other free radicals to control diarrhea. Microorganisms don’t break down Bentonite and it isn’t harmful to animals. Scour-aid can also be used externally as a paste-like treatment on cuts and abscesses.

Scour-aid is a natural diarrhea treatment and works on pets regardless if the problem is bacterial or viral in nature. It works best when used with MSE Natural Defense. As it is a “quick fix”, Scour-aid will not address the original problem that caused the diarrhea. It is similar to pectin and can help to stop dehydration and allow for “good” bacteria to thrive.

Scour-aid only works while in the body and does not have negative side effects. Administering it to your pet on a daily basis promotes diarrhea control in the long term. Safe to use with cats; Scour-aid does not contain aspirin like Kaopectate.

** Comparison of MSE Pet Probiotics – Which One to Choose **

Ingredients: Sodium bentonite, pectin, and electrolytes (sodium bicarbonate, calcium, carbonate, and sodium chloride).  Scour-Aid does not contain aspirin like Kaopectate.

Recommendations for animals that are eating: Top-dress or mix in food/feed

Cats and small dogs (<20 lb) - 1 teaspoon once or twice per day
Medium sized dogs (20 – 40 lb.) – 2 teaspoons once or twice per day
Large dogs (>60 lb) – 1 Tablespoon once or twice per day
Cattle and horses – 1/4 to 1/2 cup daily
Calves and foals – 2 teaspoons to 1 T once or twice daily
Alpacas and sheep – 2 teaspoons to 1 T (under 100 lb.) to 2 T (over 100 lb.) once or twice daily
Swine and chickens – 40 lb./ton

May be mixed with water, milk, or milk replacer and given orally.

Recommendations for animals that are not eating: Mix with water and give orally by syringe.

IMPORTANT: Mix well when adding to any liquid. May thicken and/or settle quickly. Works within 24 hours, but may need to be repeated for several days.

Scour-aid is safe to use with cats, and it does not contain aspirin like Kaopectate. Should be used together with MSE Natural Defense, Paste or MSE Microbial Drench.

Available in 12 oz and 7 lb Jug sizes. FREE Shipping.

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