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Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for your Pet

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Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for your Pet

If your pet suffers from digestive issues, diarrhea, skin & food allergies or other chronic illnesses, a digestive probiotic will help to restore balance to your pet’s gut and improve his overall health.

Often times, probiotics are referred to as “good” or “healthy” bacteria and they are necessary for a healthy intestinal system. Some of the benefits of a probiotic supplement include:

• Improved animal health
• Protection from disease like salmonella and E-Coli
• Improved growth, digestive functions and nutrient absorption
• Reduces gas, both internally/externally (especially important for large breed dogs & horses susceptible to bloat)
• Reduction of stress-induced vomiting an diarrhea
• B Vitamins, biotin & folic acid
• Stimulation of immune system
• Reduction of food allergies/intolerance
• Increased energy, appetite
• Stops growth of yeast
• Reduces inflammation
• Improved absorption of antioxidants and iron from food

Many things can contribute to imbalance in your pet’s digestive tract. Too many antibiotics destroy both good and bad bacteria and stress, poor diet, pollutants, change and other drugs contribute to the imbalance as well. Other offenders of the digestive system include chemical insctides/pesticides, soil sterilizers and other toxins in our environment. These chemicals reduce normal digestive functions and allow harmful bacteria to thrive. This extra demand on the body to filter these toxins places stress on the liver and kidneys. This increased demand can cause various illnesses, digestive issues and harmful side effects to your pet.

When should you use Probiotics?

Giving your pet probiotics when they are born is your best chance to introduce beneficial bacteria because the animal’s digestive tract is essentially sterile at birth. In addition, weaning works as a good time to give probiotics as well.

During times of stress such as vaccinations, grooming, changes in weather, transport or surgery, the administration of probiotics is always a good idea because these stressful events can cause a decreased appetite and weight loss. If you pet is undergoing treatment with antibiotics, you should also consider probiotics as antibiotics kills good bacteria along with the bad.

All in all, daily use of probiotics is a good idea as pets that have a balanced intestinal system can fight off infection and disease easier than those with imbalance. Feeding your pet a high quality pet food is important as well.

When feeding your pet cooked or commercial pet food, it is important to add digestive enzymes. Plant enzymes are recommended over pancreatic enzymes, and pancreatic enzymes need to be prescribed by your veterinarian.

Probiotics (include L. acidophilus) and other beneficial bacteria are especially important to animals that have digestive problems. Live-culture yogurt also contains acidophilus, but does not contain the necessary amount of probiotics for animals.

We recommend Natur’s Way MSE (Multiple Stabilized Enzymes) for those looking to give pets probiotics. The #1 probiotic for pets, Natur’s Way MSE works to deliver the adequate amount of probiotics to your pet safely and effectively.

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